My first Week As a Senior

 My first week as a senior has been bitter sweet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my mom cry so much in such a short time span. Being an only child has made becoming a senior a wake up call to me, soon ill be leaving my parents, who have been my number one supporters throughout my seventeen years! It has only been five days into school, and i have a new outlook on this school year! Senior year is not the end of the story, but merely a beginning for what is to become later in my life. I expect so many memories to come out of this year, and I’m so eager to find what this journey holds. I know as the days roll on that soon ill have many goodbyes to say, but as the great Philosopher Winnie The Pooh once said ” How lucky I am to have something that makes saying Goodbye so hard.”    Bring on Senior year!!!

tiffinay the manatee’s resume

Tiffany Manatee

82200 south Antarctica Rd



I am an experienced lawyer, I have had many cases and have won over half of them. i have been a lawyer for many famous wildlife. i am  very trustworthy. I wont back down from a fight, or argument.

qualification: extensive knowledge of different types of cases  and sources and ways to prove that there clientele has a point. wont back down from a fight. Plenty of education.

professional experience:

12/2/11  Antarctica

cracked a case and made the defindent  plea guilty.


cracked another case.


 cracked another case the penguin murder trials.


won a case about a seal sewing a penguin.

has owned a law practice for about 10 years.

education: graduated from Antarctica high, in the top 10. Got my bachelors degree in law, at Law of Antarctica.

how we see it

once upon a time  there was a moon, the moons name was Tim. Tim had these things i like to call phases.Tim  had phases called full moon, new moon,waxing and waning crescents and gibbous. Tim had a friend named earth, earth also had special features called  tides low tides, and high tides. A tide is the rise and fall of earths surface. When earth had his high tide  the water was at the highest level. When he had low tides the water was at its lowest level. One day Tim the earth and the giant sun got together and had a party we refer to the party as spring tides, and neap tides.  This occurred because the suns gravity was pulling earth , and caused the earth to react. The giant sun Tim and earth , also had friends  we like to call stars, There are thousands of them, even though they are hot balls of gases they were still friends. They tried there best to stay away from the blue ones because they were the hottest! Tim and the earth and the sun were hanging out one day and they noticed the sun had sunspots. They were dark spots on the suns surface, which meant it was cooler than the other areas! They thought it was very unusual, because none of them had sunspots. They decided the would go hang out with some of there star friends. They told them about a H-R Diagram,  it plot the relationships between the stars and there temperature, and brightness. That is  how Tim earths and the sun, know which is hottest and coldest.  The earth Tim and the sun also had friends in the milky way known as mercury, Venus , Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus. They all have a job and work together to complete that job.  They come in different shapes and sizes and they all work together in our  solar system. That  is the story of Jim the earth the suns adventure with there friends!


The sense that I could not live without would be the ability to hear. Without it you could never hear yourself speak to never hear what you sound like would be unbearable. You could never hear the roar of a crowd at an event. You could never hear the beat to your favorite song are the sound of little kids laughing and having a wonderful time. You could never hear your mom yelling at you to clean your room are do the dishes are even say I love you I could not go a day with out hearing my mom are dads voice. You could never hear the cries of a newborn baby are hear its first words. You could never hear the birds chirp are the wind whistle. I’m so great full God gave me the wonderful gift to hear. I’m very fortunate for it.

Denmark Times

We all know about the Germans going door to door asking about the Jews , but we know something the dont! We have harbored half of Denmarks  Jews. We were lucky enough to sit down and talk to one of the Jewish familes of chopenhagin  that were harbored and taken to sweden. We can share this information with you because the war is over.

Q: Was it thrilling or scary knowing that you could get caught?

A Mr. Rosen: says he and his wife were very scared, because we didn’t know if the Johansens could pull off hiding Ellen, because she has dark hair. We were also scared for us we had no idea Peter was part of the resistance. It was just flat out shocking! He is a very good young man.

Q: Did a solider ever come to one of your hiding spots? If so, what was it like, and how did you hide yourself ?

A Ellen  : Actually a solider came to the Johansens.  I’m so thankful that anmarie ripped off my star of David necklace and Lise, their sister, that died was apart of the resistance had dark hair when she was baby. Because Annamarie has blonde hair as well as Mrs. Johansen, Kristi.  God knew that i desverd to stay on this earth. Its a miracle Lise had dark hair.

Last question: How thrilling was escaping to sweden?

A: Mrs. Rosen: It was very thrilling! We are thankful for that drug making dogs lose their scent, but when we found out Mr. Rosen had droped it we were so scared for our family and the other family. It was very smart of them to have a pretend funeral, and have all  the supplies in the casket, but when the solider came I thought we were done for! Every bone in my body ached. I had no other instinct but to cry and gather around my family. Then Mrs. Johansen told him she died from Thyphus and the doctor said we could still get and it was best o not open the casket,  and we could open it if the solider wanted to, but he slaped   Mrs. johansen and that wasn’t right, but at least we made it !

Thanks for letting me interview you and your family! There you have a every day secret life of a jew during the war